Last week I read an article about a dog that was terribly abused.  His owners put a halter around him when he was a puppy and they didn’t loosen it as he grew.  Over time the halter became embedded in his body.  Thankfully he was rescued.  The only way to remove the halter was for the dog to have surgery.  Unfortunately I’ve seen that happen on so many occasions.  I didn’t post the picture but it was absolutely heartbreaking.  This weekend God allowed me to see how His people are walking through life with deeply embedded chains around their neck.  I could see it just as clear as if I was looking at a picture that someone took with their camera.  As heartbreaking as it is I’m glad He allowed me to see that image.  Some people have been in bondage for so long that they don’t know what it’s like to walk in freedom.  For some the chains are so embedded in their neck that they require surgery from the Great Physician in order to experience freedom.   The price has already been paid, we just have to cooperate with His process. 

What I’m about to write may seem hard and lacking compassion.  Please hear my heart though.   I haven’t felt the weight of something like this in a very long time.    I have great compassion for those in bondage.  God has done such a work in my life. I long to see others free and  walking in true intimacy with Him.  I say this as someone who is absolutely trembling at the word of God in my heart right now. I’m not perfect and I’m walking out my own salvation.  I know this is straight from the heart of God.   My friend, the enemy is trying to destroy you.  Do you understand that?  Satan is trying to destroy you, your family and your destiny.  He is trying to use those things from your past, those things that are deeply embedded around you and he’s trying to destroy you.  He’s trying to stop the plan of God for your life.  For some of you,  he temporarily succeeded.  You may feel like you’ve been stopped for years. As long as you have breath in you it’s not too late and it’s not over!!  You have to wake up though.  You have to realize that those things that have held you in bondage for years, maybe even since you were a child, it doesn’t have to be that way.  God can remove those chains that no man or woman can remove.  Now is the time.  The enemy is trying to destroy you and now is the time to run to God with arms wide open.  I say this with all of the love of God in my heart -it’s time to stop allowing the enemy to lie to you and keep you in bondage.  It’s time to walk away from the destruction and into freedom and life.  The things of the past have to be in the past. You don’t have time to play games.  I believe that for someone reading this, it could be life and death.  I don’t say that to scare anyone.  I say it with a holy boldness and love so your life won’t be destroyed.  God doesn’t want your life destroyed, He has great plans for you.  He loves you with an everlasting love.  He’s waiting for you to walk away from death and choose life.  It’s time.  Only you can make that decision. I can plead with you and minister His love to you but you have to make the choice.  If you’ve stopped going to church, stop making excuses and get back in the house of God.  Do whatever it takes to get in a place where you can walk out the freedom Jesus purchased for you.  I included the picture of Jesus on the cross because it’s His sacrifice that paid the price for your freedom.  You may need more intensive help for whatever has you in bondage.  The first step in that process is your choice.  Are you going to keep playing games or are you going to choose life?

I’m going to share an extremely personal story from my life.  I’m doing so because it’s the only other time that I’ve felt a warning like this so strongly.  One morning I woke up with an extreme urgency and warning of danger for my best friend.  Without hesitation I called her and told her that I was scared for her life.  I told her it was time to make the tough decisions and get her life right.  She received it and made some changes.  Unfortunately the changes weren’t enough.  A few short months later she was found dead.  Your story doesn’t have to end that way!  You don’t have to be destroyed, your kids don’t have to go to hell, your marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce.  I’ll tell you what does have to happen.  You must surrender. Surrender to God, His Word and His ways.   You must run away from whatever has you in bondage.  Run, run, run!

One thought on “Run!

  1. Sydney Weaver

    Obedience is what He desires and you wrote what you saw and know in your heart…thank you!

    Lord, I do not want to stay bound to things I may not even know of. Loose the chains Lord…I choose to surrender, afresh, right now at 9:51am at my office. Thank you Jesus for paying the price for my freedom.

    On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 11:22 AM, Devotions4Him


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