Taking Spiritual Responsibility for 27 Million People

I’ve known for a number of years that human trafficking exists.   Off and on for several years I’ve prayed for the 27 million people that are said to be victims of modern day slavery.  The past few days my heart has been completely broken over it in a different way. I’ve been heart sick and overwhelmed.   I want to share a few statistics with you.  It’s hard to read, it’s impossible to comprehend but we’ve got to open our eyes.  We can’t sing “Shout to the Lord” with hands lifted while in church on Sunday and ignore the cry of millions all over the world.   A little girl from India can be bought for $24.  A girl from Mozambique sells for just $2.  Texas is considered the epicenter for human trafficking in the US because of the I-10 Corridor. The Department of Justice has identified the top 20 human trafficking jurisdictions in the country.  Houston is number one.   Human Trafficking generates over 9 billion dollars every year in the United States and over 30 billion worldwide.  Sex trafficking victims are forced to have sex anywhere from 20-48 times a day.  Less than 1% of victims are rescued. How can this be in the 21st century?  

Yesterday at church I had what I can only describe as a holy moment.  At some point during the worship my heart was overwhelmed thinking about 27 million people being in bondage.  My Pastors called people to the front that wanted freedom in certain areas of their lives.  Then the call was made that if you won’t stand for yourself, do it for your children.   I don’t have children.  I have nieces, nephews, and now great nieces and nephews in Germany, Colorado, Virginia and Texas.  I pray for all of them constantly.  However, in those moments it was as if 27 million people passed before my eyes.  I could see them hidden in the darkness, broken and alone.  God asked me, “Will you take responsibility for 27 million people?”  First let me say that I know there are wonderful ministries all over the world praying and working on their behalf.  I follow some of those ministries on Facebook and Twitter.   However, God’s question demanded my answer.   I wanted to answer Him.  In that moment I said, “Yes God,  I’m willing to take spiritual responsibility for each one.”  I’m willing to pass on a few meals and stand in the gap for them by fasting and intercession.  I’m willing to cry freedom and restoration to the captives.  I have the sheer audacity to believe that because of the blood of Jesus Christ my prayers will make a difference in 27 million people!  I believe with all of my heart that 27 million captives can go free.  During the worship I was heart sick and I was overwhelmed at the number.  The instant I said yes to God I was filled with peace.  God then showed me the children of Israel born into slavery walking out of Egypt free.  He reminded me that On May 14, 1948 the nation of Israel was born in one day. Both seemingly impossible events made possible by our God who delights in setting the captives free.

As of today I am committed to pray 27 minutes every day for those being exploited and for those fighting for their freedom.  I’m putting forth the same challenge to each of you.  It doesn’t have to be all at once.  Pray 13 minutes in the morning and 14 in the evening.  Break it up it whatever way is feasible for you.  We may not have millions of dollars for this cause but we have prayer.   We can pray for a revival to sweep across this earth so there wouldn’t be any demand for sex slaves.  We can repent on behalf of the nations just like Daniel.  We can make a difference.

The A21 Campaign is a ministry focused on abolishing modern day slavery in the 21st century.  Christine Caine with the A21 Campaign says that this is our modern day Holocaust.  What are we going to do about it?  Are we going to feign ignorance or completely ignore the fact that 27 million people are held in slavery right this second?  Can’t we intercede on their behalf and for those who are on the front lines fighting this battle?  Innocent children, teenagers and young women are being exploited all over the world for money and to satisfy the most depraved lust.  It’s time we get on our knees and see where the Lord leads.  It’s time to say, “Yes God, I’ll take spiritual responsibility for 27 million people.”

I’m sharing this for many reasons.  The main reason being for awareness. Each one of us can pray for all of those being held in bondage.  We can make a difference.  The YouTube video is the story of one girl.  She’s one person out of 27 million.

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